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Meet The Challenge Club

Sinds oktober '22 sluiten ondernemende visionairs en integrators aan bij The Challenge Club. Ze zijn op een missie naar meer vrijheid, meer impact en een nieuwe realiteit neerzetten in hun eigen branche. Wij zijn trots op onze Club, maar wat zeggen zij over de uitdaging die ze zijn aangegaan?

photo_2023-05-16_14-02-39 3.jpg

I have just started in the club and joining was one of the first actions I took during Challenge Five, which had just begun. It has already brought me so much that I can't wait to see where I'll be in a year.

In addition to being surrounded by this club of beautiful and inspiring people, opportunities, and clarity on what I can do as an entrepreneur, my biggest takeaway in this first month has been my awareness.

I'm aware of what I feel in my body, focusing on what is good for me, and knowing that I am preparing myself for something greater. I understand that when I feel a bit off-balance, I have the choice of what to do with it. I can allow myself to fully experience it and let it go, or I can immediately decide that it doesn't serve me anymore because it belongs to a past version of myself.


This realization makes me feel incredibly strong and curious about what lies ahead for me.

I am excited to see what the future holds and how I will continue to grow. Being part of this club and surrounded by inspiring individuals has already made a significant impact on me.

Erik Vosman - bouwt mee aan de werkomgeving van morgen met ENLIVEN

Being part of the Challenge Club has set me in motion, challenged me to change, and sparked my drive to take action. The individual challenges provide insights and initial transformations, while the Club ensures continuity. It keeps me moving forward.


The connection with the rest of the Club brings inspiration and the realization that there are so many people contributing to a better world in so many different ways. Alex continuously stimulates, inspires, and motivates to explore further, do things differently, and walk your own path. I'm deeply grateful for everything this has opened up for me!

Jente van der Woude - podcastmaker op missie om verandering te brengen in het onderwijssysteem


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