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The Manifesto for The Challenge Club

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone. Believe in magic and be amazed by yourself. Forget about time, but appreciate timing and live in this moment.

See differently, step away from the norm, and make your mission viable. Experience that this is true freedom.

It has been a lonely struggle so far, where you were an outsider. But I don't call you an outsider. You are a visionary. This was always meant for you! Follow your intuition. Stop thinking in 'yes, buts,' 'what ifs,' and 'whys.'

This rational world has sidelined your heart for long enough. And the spiritual path has paid enough attention to your heart.

It's time for a new level where your heart and mind are no longer separate parts but work together strongly. Just like your soul, your body, your relationships, and the earth.

No one sidelined. Everyone participates.

You too.

You're in! With us. A club of free thinkers and unconventional doers. A club of visionaries and revolutionaries who take purposeful and thoughtful actions from their hearts. In a straight line from their hearts to impact.

You're in! With who you are, with what you can, and with what you bring.

It felt lonely for a long time, as if you didn't fit in, didn't belong. As if it didn't make sense, as if you didn't make sense.

But you weren't made to fit in, to make sense, or to conform.

You were made to shake, to share, to heal.

To change, to build, and to create what doesn't exist yet.

You are not alone. Not anymore.

From alone to together.

From dreaming to taking action.

From comfort to growth.

From the norm to a new reality.

From underestimated to an undeniable concept.

This is the year of revolution. Your inner revolution that translates into your external world. And that's why you are contributing to building the new Earth.

It is happening. And you are here for it. What a time to be alive!

This is your invitation. An opportunity you can seize. Or let slip away...

It is happening. And you're a part of it. What a time to be alive!

This is your invitation. A chance you can seize. Or let pass by... the choice is yours. Because the power of choice is one of the strengths you possess. So, the choice is yours...

Will the coming year be more or less like every previous one? Or will you seize this moment? Will you go along with what the world expects of you, or will you choose the timing of the universe?

Will you follow your heart and take on the challenge?

Will you choose to leverage your unique opportunities and talents now? Or will you postpone it another 26,000 years?

This will be the year of the revolution. Challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. Let yourself be amazed by yourself and believe in magic. Forget time, but appreciate timing and live in this moment.

Challenge Accepted?

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