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Work smarter, not harder

Challenge Accepted

Work Differently - the fundamentals

A package of five Challenges that challenge you in different areas:

Energy, work, mission, time & attraction.

Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Alternative Work and how you can create more freedom in your life.

And it's a unique opportunity to experience the power of challenge that we offer at The Challenge Club.


You will receive a package containing five challenges worth €2500,-

Your investment: €888,-

The fundamentals

Challenge One - Above & Beyond

Increase your energy in 7 days and delve into all the aspects that influence it.

Challenge Two - Passage to Freedom

A challenge that pushes you to transform your perspective on work.

Challenge Three - Practice what you Purpose

Discover and deepen your mission and learn how to work with it. This challenge marks the shift from work to life's work.


Challenge Four - The Art of Timing​

Do you have time, or does time have you? Experience how you can perceive time differently and create time for what truly matters to you.

Challenge Five - Ready, Set, Go

A month-long challenge that challenges you to harness your attraction power to achieve your goals.

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